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Back Office Outsourcing Services

Data Entry

The data entry professionals at Diktra have the ability to work on massive amounts of data and provide reliable and error-free data entry services courtesy to our experience in data entry and analysis. For the automation of the data entering process, we use cutting-edge technology.

Data Mining

We use our query tools to solve complicated business problems by using typical data mining procedures such as classification, assembling, analysis, pattern recognition, and other related directives. Our data mining experts have vast experience in a variety of industries. We also provide data mining services for all sort of service area including financial services and social media data mining.

Catalog Management

Diktra specialized team of professionals assists you in effectively creating, maintaining, and updating product catalogues on your e-commerce website, as well as converting paper catalogues to self-descriptive web catalogues.

Data Management

Diktra’s Data Management Practice assists the organizations in successfully and efficiently managing data, creating or managing precise reports, dashboards, and signals to meet a variety of reporting demands ranging from Management Information System reporting to regulatory compliance reporting.

Invoice Processing

We efficiently capture invoices both in paper or electronic format utilizing invoice processing software, turn each invoice, categorize the required information, and finally transfer the data into your financial system.

Form and Document Processing

For companies that use a range of formats — invoices, vouchers, survey forms, insurance papers, financial and legal documents, purchase orders, tax statements, and so on, form processing is a must for them. Our experts reliably extract relevant data from a variety of forms and format it in an accessible form that allows for easy data storage and retrieval when needed. Consider outsourcing your form processing to us for guaranteed high-quality outcomes.


Diktra focuses on the high OCR services, translating documents into digital files using cutting-edge image recognition and enhanced technologies.


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